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The performance of works involving drama, movement, narrative or spoken dialogue requires a title and date specific licence from the copyright holder / publisher. The requirement for a licence is irrespective of admission charges. A new licence would be required for any future performance outside the dates printed on your current licence.

You can obtain an Instant Licence when purchasing the Production Kit, and a Standard Licence can also be purchased later by emailing us direct.

The performance of a musical to an audience (other than pupils and staff) requires a performance licence. Copyright regulations and licence requirements apply to customers worldwide. A licence is necessary even if it’s a ‘free’ performance. 

We issue affordable performance licences to schools, churches, and other groups.

 Purchase an ‘Instant Performance Licence’ when you buy your Production Kit and it could save you money! This Instant Licence will cover any number of performances within a specified time (maximum 12 months from date of purchase). 

The performance licence will permit the holder to:
• Perform the musical on the dates applied for
• Reproduce the song lyrics on printed paper, e.g. for programmes, to make transparencies for overhead projection and to display the lyrics on an interactive whiteboard or other type of screen. The following credit should be included with the lyrics: “Reproduced by kind permission © Treasure House Music”
• Photocopy the script for learning purposes. Copies must be destroyed after the performance Instant Licence period has been completed.
• Make photocopies of the music score for use by participating musicians at rehearsals and on the performance dates.
• Play the CD (either backing or vocal tracks) at the performances.
To apply, or re-apply for your standard performance licence, simply email us.

The Copyright Act also provides creators with ‘moral rights’. These rights include the right for the creator of the work to be acknowledged. It also provides the right not to have their work falsely attributed to someone else, as well as the right not to have their work treated in a derogatory way. You must attribute any materials created by other people that you use as part of your event.

f you wish to make an audio or video recording of any of your performances of these musicals, please email Sharny. She does not wish to hold any licensing rules over your organization for this, and in fact would love to be able to see performances of the musicals, and perhaps use small clips on this website. You and your group could be famous.