This page is going to be the recipient of random reflections as they come strongly to my mind on the odd occasion – hopefully every few days. It might be about jazz singing…. or kids’ songs…. teaching, or voice stuff…. Anything related to my “too many eggs in one basket” life.

I have tried to streamline this basket-case life, but it’s just not going to happen. All the coloured zones on my new website are all the colours of my musical life and output. So I may as well get on board and enjoy the rest of the ride.

I don’t know about you, but now I have a picture of a basket full of multi-coloured items, hurtling down a hill!

It’s certainly been an intense couple of weeks leading up to the pre-scheduled (2 months overdue actually) launch of my brand new website/online shop. With the passing of a beautiful young friend before her time, the loss of a wonderful young Ozzie cricketer, friends having their homes wrecked in a storm, and saying goodbye to our amazing young pastors at Byron C3, and some family members doing it very tough at present, it was loaded! It was also the birthday of my late Mum, Peg Russell, who’s page on the new website has drawn a large and beautiful response. She certainly deserved that, and more. And then it was my singer/songwriter daughter Lauren Lucille’s birthday – alone in London and missing everyone badly this particular week!

Hang in there Lauren – dreams DO come true. Your Grandad has been pestering me for about 18 years – specifically, “All that music you’ve got sitting in boxes – it’s wrong! It’s world-class and you should be getting it properly published and available to people!” J

Well Daddy, I’ve just done it….. I almost can’t believe it myself!

Now we’re roller-coastering into Christmas! I pulled out as Director of the Byron Bay Carols By the Sea this year, and it turns out to have been a wise choice. Otherwise by this stage I would be making no sense at all J I will however be appearing at the Mullumbimby Carols on Sunday 14th December 6pm.

Meanwhile, I can recommend my Gospel Songs For Kids (boxed double album) if you’re looking for a great gift for some discerning children in your life who don’t mind a few songs about Jesus!

Talk to you in a few days…