Happy New Year everyone! I pray this will be your best year ever! These shots are of the lovely New Year’s fireworks at Wyong, NSW. Together with my husband and his parents, we were like children again - getting a thrill from the sights and sounds of them. It was a magical evening on many [...]

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This is my grandson, Oscar, after we brought the Lilly Pilly inside and made it into our Christmas tree for this year. Yes it’s so close to Christmas! And I’m helping out at the local Mullumbimby Carols this coming Sunday night, and Oscar’s daddy, Sam will be playing too. So! .... the new website, which is [...]

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Welcome To My BLOG!

This page is going to be the recipient of random reflections as they come strongly to my mind on the odd occasion – hopefully every few days. It might be about jazz singing…. or kids’ songs…. teaching, or voice stuff…. Anything related to my “too many eggs in one basket” life. I have tried to [...]

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