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Embark on a musical journey with me, Sharny, a seasoned jazz and gospel pianist, singer, composer, producer, and experienced educator. Dive into a lifetime of my diverse musical experiences through online resources. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned musician, join me in this friendly space to enhance your skills. If you need songs for solo, choir or church, I have plenty, plus their backing tracks and sheet music.

Welcome to a world where music thrives!

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About Sharny Russell

Sharny Russell is an award-winning recording and performing artist with a story of tragedy and triumph, and has spent her life imparting her love and passion for music to others.

Piano and Vocal Training Resources, plus downloadable Sheet Music & Backing Tracks for your own Solo and Group Performances. And of course her own Albums. All from this favourite Australian Jazz singer, pianist, songwriter.


“The course is beautifully thought out and explained really well, especially with the addition of the video lessons. It also includes some fabulous songs and that are fun to play and sing right from the beginning and students are able to go at their own pace. Sharny has such a beautiful, gentle and encouraging teaching manner, which is evident in all of the aspects of this course.”
“…multi-talented artistry that is unique in Australian jazz. Pianist/vocalist Sharny Russell attempts a lot and brings it all off exquisitely … and she could be one of the world’s most important scat singers.”

“Thank you Sharny Russell for providing this wonderful resource Your Piano Method has helped me develop my piano skills to a level where I can now sit at the piano and play along while I sing. I tried to accompany for myself on keys for years, and now I’m DOING IT!! I’m so happy! Your method is very easy to understand and work through and it is also invaluable in helping to develop my theory and aural skills. I highly recommend this!”


“Her latest album is a collection of high-spirited soulful songs, in the best ‘classic jazz’ tradition, the one that the singer/pianist knows all too well, and delivers with warmth, charm and perkiness.”