Sharny Russell’s Vocal Exercises

Develop your voice

Sharny has been teaching voice to teens and university level students for the past 25 years, and continues to do so. Her knowledge of how a voice works as well as her intuitive approach to teaching has led to the development of these exercises. They are basic but strongly foundational, and will help you develop your vocal strength, pitch and agility. They will also help you understand some music fundamentals.

All Vocial Exercieses are available in both download format or CD.


“I absolutely LOVE your jazz vocal exercises, Sharny! And I use them every week as a great warm up for my choir. They are so much fun.”


“I have completely worn out my vocal jazz exercise CD! Can you send me another, please?”


“I know we’re not meant to practise singing sitting down, but I use your 12 warmups and exercises to prep the voice on the way to gigs. They are perfect! Thank you!”