Sharny Russell’s Gospel Albums

Sophisticated, meaningful

Sharny has been writing songs reflecting her own faith since the age of 16. Often referred to as “spiritual pain-killers”, her meaningful and sophisticated songs encourage hearts and satisfy the most discerning of music lovers. These songs are singable by soloists, choirs, small ensembles, and also as duets and trios. If you would like a specific arrangement of any song, or a transposed version, contact Sharny.


“I have admired your singing and piano playing for quite some time, but did not realise what a fine lyricist, composer and arranger you are. You have the ability to get a message across in today’s musical idiom with lots of variety and colour. Also your inspirational leadership is evident in the joyful performances.”
“I thought you might like to know that someone gave me a copy of your album a couple of years ago, and listening to it led me to surrender my life to God – right there in my lounge room.”
“I’m listening to it for the fourth time in a row – I’m absolutely hooked! The diversity of the music is a reflection of your incredible diversity as a musician. The quality of the album is brilliant. I’m really into Christian music, and in my opinion your album is comparable with the best that comes out of the USA. It makes me cry, challenges me and motivates me to love God and others more.”