Easy, Stylish Self-Accompaniment!

Most people will find this Method easy to follow, and easy to stick to!
With 2 key options and 2 tempo options for each song!

  • This comprehensive, step-by-step Method is unique, well-researched, tried and tested.
  • And SIMPLE TO FOLLOW! Whether you’re a jazz singer or a non-piano instrumentalist who wishes to be able to play through a jazz chart at the piano, or someone who’s learned piano but would like to know how to play in a jazz style, this course is designed for you!
  • It is better if you know some basic theory, and the location of the notes on the keyboard, but even if you’re almost a beginner, Sharny guides you every step of the way, and if you do the enjoyable work laid out in the course, you will reach your goal!
  • The course takes you step-by-step through pleasant sounding exercises and well-known jazz songs, enabling you to develop an auto-pilot response in both hands.
  • The accompanying 77 PLAY-ALONG AUDIO TRACKS (3 CDs & USB) provide 2 options for song tempos, and 2 options for keys (for MALE OR FEMALE VOICES). With Sharny’s voice sometimes guiding you along.
  • This course will also improve your musical ear, your score reading, and your understanding of harmony – as a bonus! You will be able to arrange and write charts for the band.

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