Jazz Piano Method Support

Jazz Piano Method Support

Units 1 & 2

Hello! And welcome to my online demo/teaching sessions for various sections of the “PIANO METHOD for JAZZ SINGERS”. I’m excited you have logged on, and hope that you find these videos very helpful for your jazz piano journey! The FIRST video is about 26 mins long and includes some important INTRODUCTORY comments to the course. For all those “naughty” ;) people who haven’t read any of the introduction pages, I’m hoping this will explain why it’s important to do so! But I know you just want to get into it!! I would! See you soon in my home teaching room with my lovely old Yamaha S400 doing us the honours. Much love to you all ~ Sharny.

Units 3 & 4

Here I take you through what might be one of the hardest parts of the course for many – finding those TWO different OPEN 7th positions in the left hand. Getting from one to the next can be a challenge, but I have some tips for you in this video!

Unit 5

Units 3 & 4 should be conquered by now, so that your Left Hand has developed some auto-pilot cleverness! And maybe it was easy for you! Or maybe it was achieved with dogged determination and repetition! Whatever the case, this next step can be a little more challenging – or not! Anyway, here is a little session to help you along!